HiRadMat User Guide

Become a User

How to apply for beam time at the HiRadMat Facility
Overview of information for users at CERN.
Infos about TNA funding and application procedures.

Before You Arrive

The following links will give you an overview of necessary prerequisites to make sure everything is ready for your stay at CERN and HiRadMat.

Please note that access to HiRadMat’s surface laboratory and target area is prohibited without valid safety tests and access rights.

Information for external users planning on visiting CERN during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Registration as a user, access to CERN and how to get access to HiRadMat. To access the HiRadMat facility you will need several safety courses, both on-line and in the classroom, a dosimeter and special access rights.
How to safely ship your experimental chamber and equipment to HiRadMat.
Information about the CERN on-site hotel and the different mobility offers at CERN.

During your stay at HiRadMat

CERN implemented a number of special measures to ensure a safe environment while working on-site.
Access, working hours and safety measures.
Information repository and Ticket Service for anything CERN related.
How Beam Time is organised at HiRadMat.
Accessing the beam diagnostics data, the Accelerators Logging Service and beam optics

After your Experiment

What happens after beam time and helpful information for the preparation of publication manuscripts and public talks.

Guidelines to HiRadMat publications.