User Safety Information

COVID-19: Before you can enter CERN complete the COVID-19 safety course, fill out and bring with you the declaration of honour and consult the COVID-19 guide for a safe access to CERN.

User Registration

Members of experimental teams without a direct affiliation to CERN will be registered under the 'external' status at CERN. With this you will receive a CERN computing account and an access card. HiRadMat management will assist with your registration. Once you have received your CERN computing account details, you can set up your account here.

After the activation of your account you can already take the mandatory computing security and safety courses which can be completed online before coming to CERN. To use CERN computing resources external collaborators should follow the information detailed here.

Mandatory Safety Training

CERN and especially HiRadMat require users to complete various safety courses. All experimental team members should complete the following safety courses available on CERN’s learning hub (requires a CERN computing account):

  • Mandatory to enter CERN:
  • COVID-19 - Health & Safety Measures at CERN
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Radiation Protection - Awareness
  • Safety at CERN
  • Computer Security
  • Mandatory to enter HiRadMat Surface Laboratory:
  • Radiation Protection - Supervised Area
  • Electrical Safety - Awareness - Fundamentals

Users that need to access the underground controlled areas of HiRadMat during installation of their experiment must have the following safety training that also include classroom courses.

  • Mandatory to enter HiRadMat underground areas:
  • Electrical Safety - Awareness - Facilities
  • CERN - Beam Facilities
  • SPS - Machine / SPS – Machine
  • Radiation Protection - Controlled Area (full day classroom course, 3-year validity)
  • IMPACT fundamentals
  • Self-Rescue Mask (2-hour classroom course, 1-year validity)

Radioprotection and PPE

HiRadMat’s Surface Laboratory is RP classified as a supervised area. Access to the laboratory is therefore only possible with a personal dosimeter. Detailed information how to obtain a dosimeter at CERN can be found here.

External users must be certified by their home institute that they fulfil their home institute’s requirements to be occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation.

The underground areas, i.e. the target area and auxiliary tunnel, are controlled areas of the SPS accelerator complex. In addition to the mandatory safety courses access is only permitted with appropriate personal protection equipment and an operational dosimeter:

  • Safety shoes
  • Helmet with headlamp
  • Self-rescue mask

Self-rescue masks, helmets and operational dosimeter will be provided by the HiRadMat team.

Required Access Privileges

Access to the underground areas requires the right privileges in CERN’s access management. The following access rights are needed which can be requested via the ADaMS web interface (CERN computing account necessary):

  • SPS ring and transfer lines (Permission 'SPS')
  • POINT7 SPS / BA7 (Permission 'OC7')