HiRadMat Target Area

HiRadMat offers two test stands on which experiments can be mounted. Experimental chambers are mounted on experimental tables within HiRadMat's surface laboratory in building 876 (BA7) and then transported to the underground target area. The experimental tables enable fast and safe transport of the experiments and fulfill the need for remote handling when experiments need to be moved to the cool-down area after beam time. Up to two experiments can be mounted at the same time for a beam time run and if a large scale setup is required by an experiment multiple tables can be combined

The layout of the target area offers multiple auxiliary systems like cooling water or pressurized air connections and a large array of electronic connections, which are accessible from the HiRadMat control room. Additional auxiliary systems (vacuum connections, optical fibers, additional electronic connections, cryogenic flexlines) can be connected through the direct feedthrough between the auxiliary (TT61) and target area (TNC) tunnels. Together with the shielded area in TT61 and the bunker in TJ7 sensitive equipment can be safely operated close to the experiments.