Working in the HiRadMat Surface Laboratory

Radiation protection

The HiRadMat surface laboratory in bldg. 876/BA7 is a supervised area. Access is only possible with a personal dosimeter. Hence, several restrictions impact the surface laboratory:

  • Handling of activated material (samples) is only possible within strict guidelines that must be agreed with CERN’s RP department.
    • Note: handling of activated material should always be addressed within the Technical Board. Depending on the extent of the request, dedicated sessions with RP will be held to determine and establish procedures.
  • Opening of activated experimental chambers after beam time is not permitted in the HiRadMat facility.

Access to bldg. 876/BA7 and the surface laboratory is always possible during working hours and working days. Different access hours are only possible upon request!

Tools and auxiliary equipment

Experimental teams are advised to bring their own tools and equipment for the assembly of their experiment. Additional equipment should be sent together with the experimental chamber, check the Experimental Chamber Shipping page here.

The support between experimental chambers and the experimental table is provided by HiRadMat and will be installed by the HiRadMat team.

Auxiliary equipment like vacuum pumps, gas bottles, HEPA filters or gas/vacuum connection lines are potentially available from the HiRadMat team. This is also true for auxiliary systems in the underground areas. To reduce radioactive equipment and waste, some equipment is available for users. Do not hesitate to ask the HiRadMat team.