Equipment Shipping

Activated experimental chambers cannot be stored or disposed of by HiRadMat and must be returned to the experiment's home institute after beam time.

External Users - Shipping to CERN

Shipping to CERN is organised by the experimental team, depending on the origin (customs and shipping restrictions) CERN can receive goods in either Prevessin (FR) or Meyrin (CH).

If required, CERN RP and the radioactive shipping service can advise towards best practices with the design and fabrication of experimental chambers to reduce environmental impact.

External Users - Shipping Container

HiRadMat recommends two different approaches:

  • Use a wooden container that can stay or be recycled at CERN.
    • CERN’s radioactive shipping service will provide an appropriate container for the return of the experimental chamber.


  • Use a container that is verified by CERN’s radioactive shipping service for an activated ‘return’ transport (back to the home institute).
    • Inform the HiRadMat team as soon as possible to facilitate the necessary pre-checks needed between your home institute’s RP department and CERN.

Potential Import/Export Embargoes

It is the user’s obligation to check if any the experiment equipment is under an export or import embargo that prohibits shipment to CERN. This can potentially apply to:

  • radiation-hard cameras,
  • cameras with very high frame rates,
  • laser Doppler vibrometers,
  • high frequency DAQs,
  • certain vacuum equipment,
  • high performance materials.

Try to avoid any items that are classified as dual use goods.

Auxiliary Equipment

Experimental teams should bring their own tools and equipment necessary for the work in the surface laboratory during assembly of the experiment prior to installation in the target area.

A convenient solution is to simply send all necessities in a single shipment together with the experimental chamber, ideally in a second container for easy returns.