LHC filling, extraction to HiRadMat and shift organization

LHC filling takes priority at SPS - be prepared for pauses during your experiment.

HiRadMat and the SPS operators check the stability of the beam (beam sigma and beam position) using low intensity pilot beams before resuming the experimental program after a pause during HiRadMat beam time. From experience we can note that the beam conditions at HiRadMat are very stable overall.

You can check the status of LHC during filling on the LHC Page 1 Vistar.

Extractions to HiRadMat are requested based on the beam pulse list that is prepared in advance of beam time (and approved at the Technical Board).

Due to the priority of LHC we strongly advise experimental teams to organise themselves in multiple shifts to maximise the time beam can be extracted towards an experiment.

The CERN Control Center and SPS Hub

The SPS hub in the CERN Control Center offers multiple Windows machines with remote desktop capabilities to ethernet registered devices. The number of those machines is limited, please try to keep the number of necessary screens to a minimum.

If a large number of screens is necessary, please utilise the HiRadMat control room with a second team. Communication is possible via the fixed phones of CCC.

HiRadMat Control Room

The HiRadMat Control Room can accommodate several people in addition to the electrical connections to the target area. Here, experiments can for example install data acquisition systems or computers. Several CERN-network enabled ethernet ports, monitors and a Windows desktop are available.

Once at CERN you can register ethernet-connected devices via the Network web interface.