Beam Diagnostics Data

Beam diagnostics

HiRadMat offers multiple permanent on-line beam diagnostics for the monitoring of beam position, beam shape and beam intensity (both integrated and temporal) on a per pulse basis. These information are stored centrally at CERN and can be accessed via the TIMBER interface.

Beam optics

The beam shape is measured by a fixed BTV installation at the beginning of the HiRadMat target area. Since the beam delivered to HiRadMat is strongly focussed the actual beam shape at the experiment position is slightly different. Together with measurements of the beam emittance inside the SPS ring and knowledge of the beam optics the HiRadMat team can provide you with an estimate of the actual beam shape at the position of your experiment.

Accessing and extracting the data

Unfortunately, extracting data from the accelerator logging database is not straight-forward. HiRadMat provides a standard list of beam-related parameters (on a per pulse basis) that will have been logged during your beam time.