Experiment Timeline

The 'life-cycle' of an experiment at HiRadMat can be quickly summarized by the following steps:

Step 1
Initial contact

Interested users should contact the HiRadMat Management to discuss the feasibility of their experiment regarding the available beam parameters and technical capabilities of the facility.

Step 2
Beam time request

After initial discussions, the experimental team prepares and submits a proposal requesting dedicated beam time.

Step 3
Beam time approval

The experiment proposal is first reviewed by the Scientific Board of HiRadMat, pending its approval, further reviews by HiRadMat’s Technical Board and CERN’s LHC Injectors and Experimental Facilities Committee (IEFC) grant beam time.

Step 4
Installation & beam time

The experiment is assembled in the HiRadMat Surface Laboratory and aligned by the survey team. It is then transferred to the irradiation area for beam time.

Step 5
Removal & follow-up

After sufficient cool down time, the experiment is removed from HiRadMat and responsibility is transferred back to the User. Experiments are encouraged to publish their results and discuss future experiments with the HiRadMat Management.

For a full breakdown of all milestones of an experiment, from proposal to beam time and follow-up please see this site.