Scientific Board

  • Bernie RIEMER, ORNL-retired, USA - Chairperson
  • Takashi NAOE, J-PARC/JAEA, JP
  • Frederique PELLEMOINE, FNAL, USA
  • Lorenzo PERONI, POLITO, EU
  • Rudiger SCHMIDT, CERN-retired, EU
  • Stefano SGOBBA, CERN
  • Marilena TOMUT, GSI/University of Munster, EU
  • Nikolaos CHARITONIDIS, CERN - HiRadMat Coordination
  • Alice GOILLOT, CERN - Scientific Secretary

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Mandate Highlights

The HiRadMat Scientific Board is a body of experts, appointed to review the scientific merit of proposals. The board aims to provide a decision based on the following key elements of the experiments:

  • The scientific case of each experiment and details on the significant contribution towards the advancement of the state-of-the-art knowledge on materials, components and systems associated with particle accelerators and the physical sciences.
  • The feasibility of the proposed experiment based on HiRadMat beam parameters, facility capabilities and availability.
  • The completeness of the proposed experimental process, i.e. initial concept, pre-experiment planning, in-situ experimental configuration, post experimental planning. 
  • The thoroughness of the pre-experiment assessment, parameter envelope and the clarity of the experimental goals.
  • The clarity and the detailed description of the post-irradiation analysis and the identification of the key scientific and technical questions/answers that are to be deduced following from the experiment.
  • Publication of experimental results and their utilisation by the accelerator community.

The board meets about 2-3 times a year.​