Transnational Access at HiRadMat

HiRadMat offers travel and accomodation subsistence to eligible users via the ARIES Transnational Access scheme

Submission Procedure

Prior to submitting your application for Transnational Access (TNA) to the HiRadMat facility please contact the HiRadMat Coordination Team​ to discuss the experiment and to ensure that the proposed project is in line with the operations of the facility. For further information regarding the TA application procedure please refer to the ARIES webpage.

Eligible applicants for Transnational Access must complete the TNA Application form and email the completed form to ARIES-TA. The applications will be peer-reviewed and down-selected by the HiRadMat User Selection Panel. The user group leader will be notified of the outcome of the User Selection Panel via the ARIES TNA Office.

Submission Deadlines

Three months before the first visit to be covered by Transnational Access.

Successful Applications

Successful applicants are required to complete the TNA User e-registration form. Please note that this form must be completed for ALL users including those who will have remote access.

Publication Acknowledgement

Publications that are related to HiRadMat experiments that have been supported by ARIES-TNA are obliged to include the following acknowledgement:

"The research leading to these results has received funding from the transnational access activity ARIES which is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. 730871."

Completion of TNA support

Upon completion of the activities at HiRadMat, covered by TNA, the Confirmation of Beamtime form must be completed by both the user group leader and the HiRadMat Coordination Team.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: The user group leader must complete the TNA Report. This report should include the objectives of the project, the results, the overall achievements of the project and the publications.

Travel and Reimbursement Information

Arrangements: It is the responsibility of the user to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.


  • Reimbursements will be made to the users on an individual basis (payments to institutes are not possible).
  • Reimbursements are made when proof of payment is supplied, i.e. actual/electronic copies of original receipts for travel/accommodation/meals are sent along with the signed declaration of honour to HiRadMat.
  • Please note that boarding passes are also required as proof of travel (original or electronic copies accepted).

Accommodation: CERN offers on-site accommodation which can be reserved through the CERN Housing Service (if you have a valid CERN computing account click here, otherwise click here).

Travel Conditions: Travel tickets (bus, train, flight) will be covered based on real-costs and are limited to 400 CHF (800 CHF for intercontinental travels) per visit. Taxi and rental cars are not covered.

Accommodation/Meals Conditions: The subsistence is limited to 138 CHF per day spent at CERN. It should cover meals and accommodation.