HiRadMat Surface Laboratory and Control Room

Building 876 (commonly known as BA7) comprises the HiRadMat surface laboratory & control room and the access point to the HiRadMat target area


HiRadMat - Bldg 876/BA7 surface lab  (Image: CERN)

The HiRadMat surface lab is a supervised area with two mock-up test stands. The surface lab is fully integrated with the same capabilities as the HiRadMat target area with identical cabling, power and water supply  After mounting of an experiment on a HiRadMat experimental table, the experiment's auxiliary connections can be tested from the HiRadMat control room and with the help of survey the experiment is aligned.


HiRadMat - Bldg 876/BA7 control room (Image: CERN)>

The HiRadMat control room contains all electrical connections to the HiRadMat target area. Furthermore, several ethernet outlets allow the connection of computers and embedded devices. Depending on the complexity of an experiment two teams, one in the HiRadMat control room and one in the CERN Control Center, are necessary for an efficient beam time.